With the benefit of hindsight Chelsea Handler has looked back and realized she could have been one of Bill Cosby's victims. She tells the story of Cosby inviting her to his hotel room in her cover story with Esquire (you know, the one in which she's mooning us with Nick Offerman). Fortunately, she was weirded out by the invitation from a stranger and brought three friends with her to the room. Cosby didn't make any attempt at sexual assault. 

Her story:

I was in Atlantic City playing, doing stand-up, and he was doing stand-up in Atlantic City in the same hotel, and at like three o’clock in the afternoon, someone from the hotel came down and said, 'Oh, you know, Mr. Cosby would really like to meet you up in his hotel suite.' And I thought, That’s really weird. This was like ten years ago. And I said, That’s really weird. I don’t want to go alone. I go, I don’t know him. So the three guys I was with—thank God these guys were with me….Then my friend texted me the other day saying, 'Do you remember that night we went up to, or that afternoon we went up to Bill Cosby’s and you were so freaked out you made us come with you?' And I said, Yeah, and he said, 'Hello! You could’ve been one of his victims if we weren’t there.' And I went, 'Oh my gosh …' Yeah, so yeah, he’s guilty.

So far Cosby has been accused of rape by more than 30 women.