Charlotte Gainsbourg, likely the steady saving grace of every Lars von Trier film you've ever seen, has officially joined the cast of the forthcoming Will Smithless Independence Day sequel entitled ID Forever. Gainsbourg joins the previously announced Pull-Out King himself - the incomparable Jeff Goldblum, reprising his classic role as nerd-sheik environmentalist David Levinson. The Roland Emmerich-helmed film also stars Liam Hemsworth and will crash into theaters on a turbulent wave of nostalgia on June 24, 2016 - just days away from the original's twentieth anniversary.

Though it's easy to discount Emmerich's distinct brand of mindless blockbuster phenomena these days, we certainly shouldn't underestimate ID Forever. The sequel's unfortunate title notwithstanding, our collective obsession for Tumblr-ready 90s nostalgia should fuel ticket sales and proudly unrealistic, instantly quotable dialogue. Also, a world wherein someone as versatilely talented as Charlotte Gainsbourg takes over the mainstream after an impressive run of cerebrally challenging arthouse films is a world in which I desperately want to live.