Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, known by dessert lovers worldwide as Ben & Jerry, have stepped forward as vocal advocates for the legalization of marijuana. To add a cherry on top to their social activism, Ben & Jerry wouldn't mind seeing their frozen treats infused with the magical herb in locations where weed has been decriminalized. 

During an interview with HuffPo Live, the hippie duo of ice cream architects — known for flavors that are far-from-subtle nods to weed (Half Baked and Dave Matthews Band Magic Brownies, come to mind) — admitted that the hybrid of vices "make sense" and encouraged consumers to "combine [their] pleasures". Of course, their foray into the edible game isn't just about satisfying gluttonous munchies, as Greenfield drove the true point home:

"I think legalizing marijuana is a wonderful thing. Better than putting people in jail."

If you live in a city where weed has been legalized, you could soon find Ben & Jerry's frozen cannabis cream on dispensary shelves near you. World peace is merely one scoop away. 

[Via High Times]