Most valuable toy: 14K Gold Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Megazord ($1,000)
Original price: $5-$50
Selling for now: $1-$400

The 14K Gold Lost Galaxy Megazord is by far the most valuable Power Rangers toy right now. There are said to be less than a dozen in existence. One recorded sale last year placed the toy's value at about $800:

The Power Rangers fanatics at Ranger Board generally agree that the market value for one of these Zords ​(robotic war machines used by the Rangers to fight enemies) in mint condition is somewhere around $1000.

Generally, Zords are the most valuable Power Rangers toys. However, the other rare Zords only go for up to a few hundred dollars. Figures of the actual Power Rangers tend to cap out around a couple hundred bucks. The White/Green Fliphead action figure, one of the rarest non-Zord figures, sells for somewhere between $100 and $200.