Most valuable toy: Punchers a.ka. Pinchers: 1st Generation ($2000)
Original price: $5
Selling for now: 80 cents-$800

You can log onto eBay and find Beanie Babies listed for thousands of dollars. Unfortunately for those of you hoarding Beanies to use as currency during the end times, this is generally little more than wishful thinking. While there are some insane listings for the legendary Princess Diana bear, Beanie experts like those at have a different opinion. If you evaluate Beanies by their sale prices and not by their list prices, the Princess Bear comes up short.

There are some Beanies that are actually worth more than the beans stuffed inside of them. LoveMyBeanies ranks the first generation Beanie "Punchers" as the most valuable Beanie with a recent sale price of almost $2,000. Another site, Beanie Babies HQ, has Punchers valued at over $4,500 and has Peanut the Royal Blue Elephant valued a bit higher at over $5,000, but they don't provide sale data to support that number.