One of the key features of the WWE's series of video games–in general and specifically with 2K Sports–is the ability to relive some of the most glorious times in the world of professional wrestling sports entertainment. From recreating many of the seminal Roads to Wrestlemania to being thrown into the height of the infamous Monday Night Wars, gamers have been able to jump into the squared circle as their favorite superstars, striving for championship gold.

With WWE 2K15, the story mode–"2K Showcase"–dove into the history books, cooking up rivalries from WWE days gone by. You were able to, say, be HHH on the quest to move on as an individual (which meant screwing over your longtime partner Shawn Michaels), or become the "Straight Edge Superstar" CM Punk, battling John Cena (and Vince McMahon) to beat the odds and become champion.

Today, the WWE has announced that a new "2K Showcase" is coming in the form of "2K Showcase: One More Match," a DLC package that focuses on the intense rivalry between Randy Orton and Christian, two superstars who were embroiled in a bitter rivalry in 2011, where Christian fought tooth and nail to grab the proverbial brass ring, getting a match with Randy Orton to win the World Heavyweight Title to only have it taken from him the next day.

The DLC, which is available now, includes the full Christian/Randy Orton rivalry from 2011, playable 2011 versions of Orton, Christian, Edge, Mark Henry, and Sheamus, and the playable 2011 arenas for SmackDown, Extreme Rules, Over the Limit, and Capital Punishment. All of this can be yours for $9.99, which is also the price of the WWE Network.