Sunday afternoon, while most of America was settling into their easy chairs for the four hour Super Bowl, Ricardo Medina was being taken to a Palmdale, California police station. His roommate was stabbed and killed with a samurai sword earlier in the day.

Medina called 911, after the incident, and was taken to the station. According to the Los Angeles Times the sheriff department concluded that Medina and his roommate had an argument, then Medina entered his bedroom with his girlfriend. Shortly thereafter his roommate was stabbed with a sword and died.

Medina played Cole Evans, a jungle-trained Ranger, in 2002 on Power Rangers Wild Force. He also voiced the villainous Deker on the Power Rangers Samurai program. His agent told the LA Times that this roommate-killing behavior was unpredictable because, “He’s great to his dog, he’s great to his people. He’s really a super person.” So Medina at least has a character witness.

The deceased was unidentified at the time of printing.

[via Los Angeles Times]