By its very nature masturbation is a selfish practice. You're serving you and you only, but PornHub wants to add the environment as a beneficiary. The company is launching the Wankband, wearable technology that generates and stores kinetic energy during your most private moments. Once the Wankband is juiced you can blow its load to charge any USB device. 

PornHub is seeking Be(a)ta testers who can apply for the (hand)job at this SFW link. If you thought that "Beta" pun was great you should see some of the other lines from the press release:

The site has officially announced plans to penetrate the wearable market with their brand new Wankband.

Pornhub recognizes the friction traditional porn viewing can create for the environment through constant energy consumption. Enter the Wankband, a handy gadget that resembles worn like a fitness tracker.

That's three next level puns in quick succession. And that's before you get to the part that says this thing is "one small stroke for man (and women), but one giant wank for mankind."

Learn more about the device in the SFW video above. Mother Nature is depending on you to become a "Wanking Warrior."