A customer headbutts an employee after a nasty nasty verbal spat. Quick, which superstore is this most likely to go down at. Target? Nah, too nice. Kmart? Those are disappearing. The answer, of course, is Walmart, home to all things cheap and ratchet. 

A YouTuber got footage of the altercation that apparently started over a tax return the customer filed. In the video we see the employee tell the customer to "take your poor ass out the store." The customer calls the employee a bitch, and the employee makes the obvious retort, "your mama's a bitch." That sentiment is repeated until the customer escalates things with a headbutt right to the chin. 

The two wrestle around before some customers finally split them up, including an unhelpful woman in workout clothes who whimpers "stop" while making a wholly insincere effort physically. Everyone seems to put the blame on the employee—probably because she was about to kick the shit out of the customer—and the cameraman doesn't bother to correct anyone. 

The customer seemingly walks away without getting into any trouble, but Click2Houston is reporting she's been charged with criminal trespass. The employee, however, declined to press charges.

Walmart justice. 

[via Uproxx]