The Walking Dead returns tomorrow night for the second half of its fifth season, and star Andrew Lincoln is here to assure you that shit will be crazy, because, well, it's The Walking Dead

"It’s such a radically different show, the back eight episodes. I think that people have to be prepared for it," Lincoln told EW. "We also go very dark and then something different happens in the story which I think is going to breathe incredible new life further down the road for the show."

You know, because normally The Walking Dead is such a light, happy-go-lucky hour of relaxing television. The midseason premiere picks up right where the last episode left off, with [SPOILER] the death of Beth. And things are about to get "fucking nuts," which pretty much describes every other season of the show.

"I’m really, really half terrified, half so excited to see how people view the way the story goes. I mean it’s completely uncompromising and it’s almost like there’s a mini pilot episode in the middle of the season and it’s nuts. It’s fucking nuts," Lincoln promised.

Here are the first two minutes of the episode, which airs Sunday on AMC at 9 p.m. ET.

[via UPROXX]