A couple weeks ago we introduced our staff to the strange, new world of virtual reality porn. The immersive, erotic experience elicited a range of responses from enthusiasm to borderline scarring—all of them hilarious. The Internet ate up the footage from a less than ordinary workday, with Buzzfeed going as far as immortalizing the awkwardness in GIF form. 

Now we've decided to take things a step further and hand the Samsung Gear VR to senior citizens. These are the pioneers of the porn game, the people who had to rely on magazines, actual reels of film, or their imaginations (whatever those are) for titillation. The never-ending library of pornography the Internet has blessed us with would have blown their minds back in the day, as would the prospect of putting them directly in the scene without all the mess. 

First we got the 60-somethings to reminisce about the olden days of adult films, which apparently included some of the same freaky shit we have online ("There was the animal, of course"). Once it was game time we knew we'd struck gold, with one participant reacting exactly like you'd expect your grandma to and another revealing his inner bro, complete with hand motions and his own, umm, verbal cues?

Watch all the reactions above, and think twice before trying this experiment at home.