Earlier this month Bruce Jenner was involved in a car crash that left another person dead. The former Olympian reportedly claimed the Lexus driver, who died, slammed on her breaks, but unreleased video footage shows he was clearly at fault, according to TMZ

"We're told the video shows the Lexus and the Prius moving at a very slow rate of speed, though it's unclear whether they are accelerating or decelerating. They were in the back of a line of cars stopped for a red light.

... We're told the video shows Bruce hit the Lexus 'violently' ... rocketing it into the Hummer. Our sources say the video shows Bruce was clearly traveling at a significant speed given the magnitude of the crash, although cops believe he was not speeding. 

Bruce then continued on and hit the Prius, and we're told that collision occurred at almost the exact time the Lexus hit the Hummer, which is why witnesses say they only heard 2 crashes."

Police have yet to comment on or release the video. Investigators have reportedly looked into texting being involved in the crash. TMZ's law enforcement sources say Jenner is unlikely to face charges. 

[via TMZ]