Sex sells. There's been some odd promotional tie-ins for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie—Target, faulty sexual gels, etc.—and with the film hitting theaters this Friday, the ads are going into a climax. Everyone wants a piece. An unlikely crossover is this Vanessa Bayer elevator sketch for Audi.

If the idea of a BDSM novel/movie being used to sell a luxurious sedan is too much for you, put on a blindfold at the start and end of the clip (there is an abundance of Shades swag-blindfolds to choose from) and just watch the Saturday Night Live cast member try to entice various men in an elevator. It's funny. She's got handcuffs, anal beads, a whip, and is doing kegels. She can't even comprehend the positions that she's being put in.

And even though it is a car commercial, it's fifty shades funnier than a "do you come with the car?" joke.