Tyrese Gibson gave the Internet a glimpse into what it's really like to date when you're a famous dude.

The Furious 7 star was apparently spending some time with a woman recently when he asked to borrow her phone, only to discover she had pulled up his page on celebritynetworth.com.


Ratchet all the way - I was hanging out with this girl and my phone died so I asked her if I could google something on her phone.... Soon as I went to her safari web browser THIS popped up.... This B went online to see what my net worth was...... With in the F' is going on out here..??????????????????????

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The thing we really want to know is what happened after that?!

Did he give her the phone back like nothing happened? Did he call her out on it? Is he really worth $25 million? Tyrese, please get on Twitter and finish this story. 


[Via @NYSAnimal]