Saying that Tinder users are majority male sounds like common sense—anything that offers the chance to meet someone who might have sex with you is a place that will get more men than women (also, the sky is blue)—but now there's data to prove it. As Tinder preps to launch a pay-to-swipe service next month (which will allow users to undo likes, and search for matches beyond your area, for those who desire to see if they fare any better in Paris or Topeka), the Global Web Index has released data results for various worldwide location-based mobile hookup dating apps.

GWI claims that 62% of dating app users are men, while 38% are women. It will come as no surprise that 16-34 year-olds are the largest group of users, accounting for 70% of the audience for these apps. More than 91 million people are using location-based dating apps like Tinder, Momo and Hinge every month.

Swipe right with abandon fellas, don't marinate on one response—the odds are not in your favor. But perhaps, also be less harassing? Just ask the guy who only lasted two hours with a fake female account before disabling it because he (as a she) was told too many "things that you're pretty sure only get said during prison riots." 

If you're about to leap into the biggest digital sausage party in the world, you better hone your game.

[via The Guardian]