The Wolf of Wall Street dropped Christmas 2013, but over a year later, the world is collectively still drooling over its breakout star, Margot Robbie. Fresh off of portraying Jordan Belfort's unbelievably sexy trophy wife Naomi, Robbie stayed low and racked up even bigger roles in upcoming movies. Her clip is fully loaded, so get ready to start hearing her name and seeing that gorgeous face a lot more often, beginning with this week's rom-com caper Focus, opposite Will Smith. By next year, she'll be a full-on household name when she throws her hat into the superhero movie ring as Harley Quinn in DC's highly anticipated supervillain extravaganza Suicide Squad. That same summer she'll play Jane in a new Tarzan reboot. The A-list awaits. Robbie's about to woo America over beyond a one-hit wonder opposite Leo, so now's the perfect time to get to know her. Her interviews are still lightweight scarce, but here are ten things you should know about your next actress crush, with sexy GIFs as the cherry on top.