A new layer has been added to the story of the Las Vegas woman killed after someone with road rage followed her home and shot her. According to police in Las Vegas, the woman and her adult son—who was armed with a weapon—went looking for the suspects prior to her death. 

Tammy Meyers, 44, was shot last week after a vehicle she nearly collided with followed her home and a gunman opened fire. Meyers' family took her off life support on Saturday. Prior to the shooting, Meyers had reportedly given her 14-year-old daughter driving lessons, and a heated confrontation with three men in another vehicle led to her tragic death. However, local police tell the Las Vegas Review-Journal that there was more to the story than the Meyers family let on: 

On the way home, with the mother driving, a speeding vehicle approached them from behind, Steiber said. That vehicle then passed Meyers’ car, and her daughter reached over from the passenger seat to honk the horn.

Then the other car stopped in front of Meyers’ car, Steiber said. The driver stepped out and threatened her, so she sped away.

Meyers went home, dropped off her daughter, and woke up her 22-year-old son, Steiber said. The mother and son left minutes later in search of the other car.

Her son was carrying a gun that was registered to him, Steiber said.

Police gave no details on whether words were exchanged once the mother and son found the other vehicle and its occupants — or where or how they found the vehicle. Metro only said that vehicle eventually went to the Meyers home in the 7900 block of Mt. Shasta Circle.

At some point after Meyers and her son left their vehicle and entered their home, Steiber said, someone in the other car fired and struck Meyers.

Meyers’ son returned fire at the other vehicle, Steiber said.

Las Vegas police have released a description of one suspect, but no arrests have been made. 

[via Las Vegas Review-Journal]