Long before he was a household name in convergence culture—long before he founded Complex—Marc Ecko used to send samples of his gear to celebrities in the hopes of grabbing their attention and getting his company off the ground (Ecko called these signature packages "swag bombs"). While a majority of these "bombs" went unacknowledged, Spike Lee was one of the few to send a (hand-signed) note back to Ecko in response.

Fast-forward more than two decades, and the whole thing is coming full-circle. We're thrilled to announce that Spike Lee is joining the Complex family, becoming a Board Advisor for Video Products and Branded Content.

With his production company, 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks, as well as his advertising agency, Spike DDB, Lee will invigorate Complex's expansion into video production and ensure that we will continue to grow in the visual space, creating quality pieces that surprise, entertain, and make culture pop.

"I have known and admired Marc Ecko a long, long time. I'm hyped about collaborating with Marc and Complex, that combination with my agency SpikeDDB and myself will be fruitful," said Lee. "I think it's a great marriage and I look forward to working together. And just killing it."

Learn more about the partnership here, here and here, then watch Spike Lee and Marc Ecko go toe-to-toe above (and don't miss the extended version of the clip below), in a preview of things to come.