OG electronics retailer RadioShack declared bankruptcy today, probably because you never shop there, but the brand may survive thanks to a deal with Sprint

The company will sell off around 2,400 stores and close the other 4,000 U.S. locationsaccording to The Associated Press. Sprint reportedly has a deal with the investment firm buying those RadioShack stores to open mini Sprint stores inside of them. That deal would also make Sprint the primary brand advertised on those storefronts. 

Nothing is final yet, though. A different buyer could still step up to bid on those RadioShack stores. 

The company has been struggling with losing money for years, and it has been a long time since RadioShack's glory days of selling "affordable" $2,495 cell phones.


If the deal goes through, Sprint would more than double its number of retail stores. 

RadioShack was founded in 1921.

[Via AP]