Evolve, the new first-person shooter from 2K Games, has a unique twist on the traditional multi-player. This game, which is set on an inhospitable foreign planet, allows players to take on either the role of hunter or hunted, and in this case the hunted is a gigantic, nightmarish, bloodthirsty monster. Dope, eh? But before you rush in to get your dismemberment on, you should know that there are four Hunters stalking a single Monster, which evens the playing field pretty quickly.

We thought it was a good idea to get five avid gamers together to play a round of four-on-one Evolve, and then record the proceedings. The video above introduces you to our Fab 5, who are: NFL players Jameel McClain and Brad Smith, BMX-pro Ralphy Ramos, street artist Naturel, and rapper Heems. Hit play above to get to know the guys a little better.