Hey guys, there's an election coming up. People want you to vote for them. These people who want votes have generally spent the last 5 years in a massive mouldy building surrounded by other vote-gatherers and don't know what you're like, they're gonna do some stupid stuff.

In an attempt to win over female voters in marginal constituencies female Labour candidates are going to drive around the UK in a van to talk 'women to women'. Luckily, they know what women like... Pink. We can only assume that whichever Labour committee came up with the plan thought women would swarm to pink like moths to a flame.

Defending the colour choice, Labour's deputy leader Harriet Harman said they wanted it to be red (Labour's colour) but it looked too generic. They tried darker red but it looked "too much like a Pret delivery van". She joked "is it not magenta or something?"

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