Right now Pawel Pawlikowski is winning the Oscars. Even though his film Ida technically won for Poland and not himself, he just got a standing ovation for outlasting the play-off music to tell his Polish crew to get more drunk. Pawlikowski assumed that his crew was already drunk.

With that applause, and the following laughter, Pawlikowski's certainly doing better than host Neil Patrick Harris who is repeatedly having to laugh at his own jokes to let the audience know that the joke has reached its completion.

How many of you took a shot when he told his Polish crew to drink? This was Poland's first Academy Award win. But that rule should also change. Give it to the director! So many countries work together to make films now, and Pawlikowski deserves it more than a mass of land. Although, we're not sure if someone at the Polish Film Office would easily be able to wrestle it away form him. We're guessing he'll be fun to party with tonight.

Ida is also nominated for Best Cinematography. Check out all the winners as they come in, here.