By now we are all familiar with the concept of the rock star chef, and since so many of rock’s great heroes are British, it should come as no surprise that the UK has turned out its share of culinary bad boys. One such example would be Ollie Dabbous, a chef still in his mid-30s, with one of London’s most popular restaurants already under his (probably studded) belt, and a new, very different, venue recently opened.

In this episode of Complex’s The Neighborhood, we journey across the Atlantic to visit Fitzrovia, the London ’hood that is home to both of Dabbous’s restaurants—the higher end Dabbous (with its popular basement bar) and the more home-style Barnyard. Fitzrovia looks like a very cool spot right in the heart of London. It is a little reminiscent of SoHo in New York, and maybe coincidentally, London’s own Soho is just a few blocks away. Take the tour with Ollie, and see the neighborhood through the eyes of one of its most accomplished residents.