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Whoever wins the 2016 presidential election is going to have a hard matching Barack Obama's digital presence. Our president has done an episode of Between Two Ferns, sat down with the YouTube star who drank cereal out of a bathtub, and now he's become a viral BuzzFeed video

Along with his interview, Barry O took part in a clip called "Things Everybody Does But Doesn’t Talk About." Just like us the president pumps himself up in the mirror, uses a selfie stick, doodles, and takes imaginary jump shots. He even says "Thanks, Obama" when things don't go his way. 


Of course, Republicans are mad at Obama for showing some personality and embracing digital media. The outrage is so obnoxious Fox News's Geraldo Rivera has stepped up to defend the president. "If he can really reach out and make more effective some of these government programs, whatever you think of them, then I don't have a serious objection," Rivera said. "I'm a Republican, but a fair man. And if he can reach the young audience with this stuff to do the right thing, then I'm OK with it."

Our only beef is that BuzzFeed has only made the video available on Facebook.

Thanks, Obama.