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"New Jersey man" has been stepping up his game lately, trying to prove that Florida isn't the only home for a crafty petty criminal. Olawale Agoro is one such New Jersey man. In an attempt to delay court hearings on several summons for parking tickets, Agoro posed as a fake, blind twin brother named "Tony."

Agoro received a summons during a July 31 traffic stop for outstanding tickets. But the 58-year-old showed up to court claiming to be "Tony," and said that Olawale was in Nigeria morning their father's death. Agoro claimed to be blind, and "Tony" was given three tickets when leaving the courthouse after being spotted driving. He had no license, but tickets were listed for the car. Agoro's ride was impounded. 

Agoro went back to the courthouse the next day, attempting to get his car back, again claiming to be "Tony." But he had no identification, and authorities were able to use Olawale's identification card in their system, to identify a birthmark on Olawale's upper lip. They also could not find a "Tony Agoro" in their system. According to The Record, Agoro was arrested on the spot last September and spent the night in jail.

Agoro now faces charges of hindering apprehension, false swearing, and resisting arrest. He is due in court this month. It is unknown if Tony or Olwale will show.

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