One of the most iconic video game franchises ever is in development at Netflix as a live-action series. The streaming service is working on a show based on The Legend of Zelda, according to The Wall Street Journal's Speakeasy blog

Citing an unnamed source familiar with the production,  the Journal reports that the show would be based around Link's quest to rescue Princess Zelda and will take place in Hyrule. Netflix is reportedly describing the show as ''Game of Thrones for a family audience.''

Apparently the whole production is still in the very early stages and there isn't even a writer attached yet. If it does happen, it would be the first time Nintendo allowed Zelda, one of its most valuable properties, to be used in such a way since the short-lived Zelda cartoon from the late '80s. 

There had been some talk of a Zelda movie a few years back, but nothing seems to have come from that. The Legend Of Zelda came out on the Nintendo NES in 1987. Since then, the characters have appeared in more than two dozen games. 

[Via Badassdigest]