Delta airlines has been accused of discrimination by one Arab-American Muslim woman. This comes after Delta’s already bad track record of racism, see one of its tweets for last year’s World Cup. 

The woman, Darlene Hider, was with her husband and four children on a flight to Detroit on Monday when the incident happened, beginning with an altercation with another passenger. Hider told Mashable the passenger turned around and told Hider, who carrying her 9-month-old child, with her two other children beside her, “to control her kids.”

While retelling the story Hider said, "I automatically felt as if she was not comfortable around me, and this is really difficult to deal with as a Muslim woman in America."

Until the woman eventually turned around and told a hijab (headscarf) wearing Hider, “This is America!” This prompted a Delta agent to come over and after Hider explained the situation the agent told her to “get your kids and change seats,” allegedly threatening to kick them off the plane. The conversation which was caught on camera as seen above. 

Hider told Mashable, "I was afraid to defend myself because of my scarf, at that moment, I felt that I couldn't defend myself...I felt stripped away of all of my rights at this moment."

During the incident, Hider’s husband, Malik, told his brother-in-law what was going on, causing him to tweet about the incident, directing himself at Delta.  

Delta, currently investigating the incident, said via spokesperson Morgan Durant,  

Incidents like this are bound to happen again, but here's hoping that at the very least the Delta agent involved gets fired for her actions. 

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