We hadn't really heard much out of the Mike Epps vs. Kevin Hart beef since things heated up on Twitter last year, but Epps went on Sway's Sirius XM morning show today and had a lot to say about his fellow comedian. 

Sway brought the topic up by playing Epps a clip from comedian Aries Spears talking about Hart's alleged use of writers on his stand-up act, and by asking Epps what his thoughts were. 

After a tangent where Epps comedy to the dope game, saying he always found the "kingpin" in his neighborhood was some "square," while the "real hustlers" didn't have any money. Sway asked if that's how Epps feels about Hart.

"Him compared to me, he's a square, he's a L7 to me," Epps said. 

Epps then explained how his beef with Hart got started (at 14:00):

"Whatever little beef that we had ... the beef started with me cracking a joke. I was ... like 'you got some ugly shoes' and he went there and started talking about my career. ... You got personal on me, and then you showed me you wanted to challenge me on my business, on my career."

"If Kevin Hart was (Craig Robinson's) size, I'd kick his ass. I'd knock his teeth out his mouth. That's how I am. But that little dude, right there, I'ma get my daughter to slap the shit out of him. I love Kevin. Kevin's a nice little brother. The only problem with that is, he's like a Kim Kardashian. "

"How so, Mike?" asked a co-host. 

"The social media is a lie ... and these kids wanna be lied to. I started off in the business, and a lot of us are bitter because of this, me, Bill Bellamy, Chris Tucker, all of us, don't none of us have those kind of followers, cause guess what, that shit wasn't around when we was coming up. Def Comedy Jam? Wasn't no damn Twitter, wasn't no social media. But now, you can set it up where, guess what, I got all these people following me and I'm putting out a perception that I'm bigger than what I am. ... It's gonna take 30 movies to find out, guess what, you ain't got no fucking talent. But it's too late, I got 200 million dollars, I done tricked the shit out of y'all. I got all this money, all these celebrity friends and I'm gone in the wind."

For the record, Hart has 16.8 million followers on Twitter, compared to Epps' 2.61 million. But we'd like to know what Epps means by "set it up." If getting 16 million Twitter followers was as easy as "setting it up" wouldn't we all have that many?