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The ink off the the Daily Bugle is barely dry, and speculation is already rampant. Andrew Garfield is most definitely getting the boot as Marvel Studios gets in on Spider-Man, so everyone (including us) is wondering who's going to be the third person cast as Peter Parker in 15 years. 

Sony reportedly wants to bring Spidey back to his awkward teenage years and in all likelihood give us yet another origin story. Variety's sources say a casting decision won't be made until a director is hired, but that hasn't stopped the trade mag from throwing out a few rumored names. There's Logan Lerman, who was a mad awkward freshman in Perks of Being a Wallflower and played the clumsy newbie in Fury. Also rumored is Dylan O’Brien of Teen Wolf and The Maze Runner fame. 

The plan is to spend more time in Midtown High School than the last two franchises did to "explore [Parker's] awkward relationship with other students while fighting crime out of the classroom." Donald Glover may be even older than O'Brien and Lerman, both 23, but he sure as hell has the awkward part down. No one else can top him as our favorite for the job, but O'Brien also makes our list

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