In this week's edition of Don't Be That Guy, a man who was already serving jail time for stalking and first degree sexual abuse charges just compounded his problems even further by trying to blame the bruises plastered across his face on police brutality. The problem with that claim: the wounds were self-inflicted and surveillance footage caught it all. Aleksander Robin Tomaszewsk, 33, can be seen punching himself in the face repeatedly while in his cell. This is a new level of fail

Via The Register-Guard

[Tomaszewsk] also allegedly told authorities repeatedly that he wanted to press charges for the alleged assault. He had multiple facial injuries, deputies said.

The complaint was forwarded to a sergeant in charge of detectives, who reviewed the video footage from the holding cell and the interview room, said sheriff’s office spokeswoman Sgt. Carrie Carver. The only assault captured on camera was in the holding cell where Tomaszewski was seen hitting himself, Carver said.

Maybe the criminal thought he could minimize the jail time he was already serving, or maybe he just watched Mark Wahlberg's chest beating scene from Fear too many times, but either way his plan was foiled. Tomaszewsk was informed by detectives that his self served face-punching was caught on video and will now will be facing further charges such as attempted coercion, probation and a $500 fine, plus another for initiating a false report that brought 20 more days in jail. 

With an epidemic of real-life police brutality going unchecked, the last thing we need is some douchebag crying wolf. So, yeah, please don't be that guy. 

[Via UpRoxx]