Mad Men, one of the last remaining shows of TV’s so-called golden age, will premiere the second half of its final season in April—an event Mad Men star, Jon Hamm, calls “painful.” More painful than Hamm never winning an Emmy for the role? Maybe. In order to help fans through the pain, AMC has decided to invite them to relive the Mad-ness by reshooting the show’s pilot to create a fan made cut. 

The episode, “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes” has been split up into 154 scenes. Fans who wish to pay tribute to the show and possibly make history will need to go on the site and basically call dibs on a scene because each scene can only have five filmmakers. Once they film their masterpiece they need to upload it on YouTube and then wait, by drinking themselves into a false sense of hope that they’ll get picked, for what will become Mad Men: The Fan Cut.

Only five scenes have been claimed so far and sure 154 scenes is plenty to go around, but don’t wait until the last minute to snatch a scene up. 

If you’re worried about not having fancy equipment you’ll feel better knowing one of this year’s Sundance hits, Tangerine, was almost completely shot on an iPhone 5S. Happy filmmaking!


[via Fast Company]

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