Cara Delevingne, model, actress, famous person (and now a contributing editor to LOVE Magazine) interviewed Kim Kardashian, mother, model, famous person, for LOVE Magazine. Here are some things that we learned:

  • Kim would like to intern with a private investigator. She even asked Bob Shapiro (a lawyer on the defense council for O.J. Simpson) to let her know when he takes a big murder case. "I think I could solve crimes."
  • Kim "always pees all over" her Spanx because "they aren't crotchless enough!"
  • Delevigne asked her what animal she would be, and after speculating on a few different members of the animal kingdom (including rabbits, and a chinchilla), Kim finally landed on a seahorse. When the additional editor of LOVE pointed out that a seahorse could have sex with itself, Kim said, "I've always wondered what that was like."
  • In a round of not so deep questions, Cara knew what to ask last: what's Kim's favorite sex position? "From the back," Kim said.

Well there you have it. If she were a seahorse she'd take off the underwear she just started wearing and fuck herself from behind. Mystery solved. This groundbreaking issue of LOVE Magazine is on newsstands now.