Neil Patrick Harris is playing straight down the middle with easy jokes, and completely skirting the groans of oh-no-you-didn't! from the audience at the Oscars right now. Could Kevin Hart stay on a script like that? Before entering the Dolby Theater for the Oscars, Hart told Entertainment Tonight that he wants to come back next year to host. Actually what he said was he would like to "immediately." 

Could Hart be inside the magic box that Harris is making Octavia Spencer watch to make sure he doesn't open it? If Hart can't take over tonight, and add some spice to the stale show, would you want to see him do it next year? He already did pretty well with his simple short joke with Anna Kendrick to award the Best Animated Short Film Oscar. But that magic box joke is the offend-no-one level of comedy that the Oscars really want. 

[via Entertainment Tonight]