Whenever your land in the presence of your old friends it's impossible to fight the gravitational pull of nostalgia. You can talk about current events, your new girlfriend, whatever, but you always drift back to your old stories, the "remember whens?" I moved back to my home state a month ago, and this still won't subsist when I'm with my high school buddies. Even Jon Stewart and Bob Odenkirk cannot escape this powerful force.

Odenkirk appeared on The Daily Show last night to promote Better Call Saul ahead of its Sunday premiere. He gets in his plug like a true pro but also reminisces with Stewart about their drunken shenanigans in the East Village. The young comedians had a hard time being served at a bagel shop, Stewart's professed "home turf." 

Stewart further proves his friendship with gushiness usually reserved for after a few beers. "To watch someone who you always think is brilliant from the get-go work hard, do all the stuff, and then land in this amazing position—I just feel wonderful for you," he said. 

You guys, they really are friends!