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Joel McHale might possess the intelligence needed to skewer real housewives and the Kardashians, but satirizing current events and elected officials as The Daily Show host appears to be too daunting of a mission (even though he has similar experience). The Soup boss spoke to Variety about not even entertaining the thought of filling Stewart's sneakers as he prepares to exit the late night throne

“I don’t think I’m smart enough to do the job. I think I come off as being smart. But deep down I’m really not. Plus, I’ve just signed on for two more years at E!, and I’m having a ball on that show. And E! has been incredibly good."

“Jon Stewart deals with large, very important issues,” he said. “We obsess about the weirdoes on ‘The Bachelor’ who do ghost adventures and look for Bigfoot. So I think the show would not be up to the intellectual standards that everyone is looking for.”

McHale's modesty is refreshing, but anyone who can the coast through a community college as rigorous as Greendale clearly has some serious intellectual moxie. 

[via UpRoxx]