Jimmy Kimmel sent his crew directly across from the Dolby Theater, where the Oscars were being held, and asked folks their opinions on entirely made up movies, and scenes in Oscar-nominated films. The "Lie Witness News" field report gets a lot of stupid answers from people about stupid movies. Many people definitely have no clue what this years nominees are as movies (or apparently who Rosa Parks is).  

Can we please get Meryl Streep into a movie called Too Stoned to Function? As presenter Jared Leto mentioned last night, there is a California law that requires Streep to be nominated for an Oscar every year. She could co-star with Jeff Bridges, who we learn—in another segment—was trained by Kimmel at the Kimmel School of Perfect Acting.

Like most movies these days, "The Kimmel School of Acting Perfect" skit wasn't just a one-and-done. No, it's a two-parter. In the first one, Eddie Redmayne gets a water bottle thrown at him for not being British enough. Kristen Bell gets called a Muppet baby. Jennifer Aniston falls on her back during an exercise without trust. 

But it's the second part of the bit (below) where Kimmel and his gang really find their groove. Matt Damon has to act like furniture because he hasn't evolved to humans yet. And Jeff Bridges is in awe. The lamp exercise was really difficult for The Dude. 

Gary Oldman, Lupita Nyong'o, Susan Sarandon, John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, and Sean Penn all contribute in the two-part segment. And that's a lot of Oscar winners and nominees from movies that many idiots probably don't even know exist.