Jon Stewart is going to be hard to replace when he's done at The Daily Show. That's a certainty. But his trusty correspondents are also making it harder to replace him, because they're in high demand everywhere. Stephen Colbert, John Oliverand Larry Wilmore have all gone upward. Jessica Williams has said that she's too young, and under-qualified (but she'll still troll that ass). That's all fine. (Actually that's all great. Keep truckin' vets! Keep trollin' Jess!) But most fans of The Daily Show never thought they'd see Jason Jones remove himself from the competition. Not for a sitcom!

For 9 & 1/2 years, I have worked at one of the greatest TV shows of all time. But... It is time for me to go. 1/2

— Jason Jones (@jonesinforjason) February 24, 2015

Jones has covered the Olympics, Presidential elections, and even got a story so big his boss had to take time off and turn it into a major motion picture (Rosewater is on iTunes).

That said, I am ecstatic to announce that I'm about to make another great show over @tbsveryfunny 2/2

— Jason Jones (@jonesinforjason) February 24, 2015

Jones is making a family sitcom for TBS (blech!) that he co-wrote with his wife, and fellow Daily Show correspondent, Samantha Bee (no, don't take her with you!). The comedy will follow a 24-hour family vacation and all the nightmarish situations that can happen in one day with three kids. Like 24 as a comedy?! Will one of the kids have a ticking time bomb in them? Okay! This is sounding better.

The untitled show is actually based on Bee's childhood summer vacations, and the first one is to Florida. Florida? That's the only thing more harrowing than time bombs. Jack Bauer probably couldn't solve Florida. Can Jason Jones?

Jones is very funny, we wish him the best, and we'd rather spend 24-hours living Bee's family vacations, than relive our own. And thanks for not taking Bee with you. That's really stand-up of you, Jason. Comedy Central has confirmed that while Jones is leaving, Samantha Bee will remain on staff with The Daily Show. Huzzah! And here I thought that leaving a family member behind during a vacation was only customary to my family.

Bee will continue writing for her husband's show (which is ten episodes) and continue to appear on The Daily Show. Perhaps she's being groomed? If her vacations as a child were so hilariously harrowing, maybe she never wants to go on vacation again!

Someone has to want this job, right?


[via Deadline]