Leave it to Rob CorddryCraig RobinsonClark Duke, and (new-to-the-crew) Adam Scott to completely abuse the power of time travel. The bawdy, ridiculous Hot Tub Time Machine 2 hits theaters on Feb. 20, but today we're happy to debut these hilarious posters along with our sister-site, Collider

The posters' concept is simple—and hilarious—enough: The DGAF group of dudes is upping the ante this time around and not only going back to the Eighties. They're going back and effing with pretty much every momentous moment in history. Above, you've got Corddry as Julius Caesar (though he'd probably make a better Caligula), and below you can check out what happens when the gang takes on the Revolutionary War...

... and the moon-landing:

God help us all. Once again, the movie hits theaters on Feb. 20. And if you need any more indication of how ridiculously funny this movie is going to be, watch the red band trailer here.

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