Spiky bleach blonde fireball Guy Fieri presided over a big, gay (foodie) wedding this weekend in Miami. The Food Network chef agreed to do the gig for a fellow foodie friend, Art Smith, because Fieri's late sister was a lesbian. 

Smith—who cooks for such dignitaries as Oprah Winfrey and Governor Bob Graham—announced the event the day that gay marriage became legal in Florida by using the hashtag #101GayWeddings. Smith chose the number 101 because he equates Florida attorney general Pam Bondi to Cruella DeVil, the villain from 101 Dalmatians. "[Bondi] was determined that she was going to prevent equality from coming to Florida," Smith told the Associated Press"For a state known for sunshine, it was living in the darkness when it came to LGBT rights, and it was important to acknowledge that."

The mass wedding was free for 101 same-sex couples. They were chosen by Smith via their social media responses.

Fieri officiated the ceremony "in a purple suit, many rings, [and a] meticulously groomed multi-colored goatee," according to E! Online. Fieri and Smith weren't the only celebrity chefs present, baker Duff Goldman provided a seven-tier cake, and Chopped host Ted Allen also attended. In addition to having a blissful day—and hopefully a blissful, long marriage—101 couples just outdid whatever food you could've provided at a wedding of your own. And for free, too.

[via E! Network]