So-and-so famous talked at a bar isn't news, you say. Well, let's chalk this little nugget from The New York Postthat Bill Murray "did his best to flirt" with Catherine Deneuve, but Deneuve had too many cigarettes that needed to be smoked off of the Sunset Tower balcony in Los Angeles for it to go anywhere—up to an excuse to write about two people we love. The industry, favoring hot young things, doesn't provide many opportunities to write about a missed connection between a 64-year-old actor and a 71-year-old actress.

Did Murray watch the French starlet from the bar, thinking of the next thing to say? Because you can't just go up to a woman like Deneuve twice unprepared. She also, clearly doesn't need a lighter. But maybe she's a matchstick woman? If she's truly taking 50 cigarette breaks like The New York Post alleges, she's bound to run out of matches. And if you're Deneuve why do you re-buff? That's two of 20th century cinema's most interesting ships passing through the night. We know that Murray has a cell phone, and that he texts, but does Deneuve? Perhaps there were other signals being sent from that balcony, other than just smoke signals. 

Surely there were signals that the tipster missed. Keep the dream alive, Bill. Forget the 50 cigarettes, Catherine. Let's get these two in a 50 First Dates reboot.

[via The New York Post]