Whenever you read something real ratchet in the news there's a 90 percent chance it involves a Florida man or, alternatively, a Florida woman. "A Florida man violated a stuffed animal at Walmart." "A Florida man had sex with a dolphin." "A Florida couple arrested after having sex atop car inside dealership." I didn't even have to dip into 2014 to find those examples. 

Brooklyn director Sean Dunne has taken notice and given the wild bunch who populate the Sunshine State the documentary they deserve. Him and the producer and cinematographer conceived the idea during a shroom trip. The team then set out for Florida with hotels booked in five different towns and no other plans. His goal wasn't for us to laugh at the Florida men, but rather for us to laugh with them. He described the process in an interview with Directors Notes:

"Basically we just drove around aimlessly, stopping any time we saw something or someone that interested us and one thing would lead to another and the universe would pull us in one direction or another. Most of what you’re seeing in the final film is the entirety of our interaction with these guys. It was quick and to the point and I didn’t even interview people besides the occasional “any words of wisdom?”. So what we got was a whole bunch of people telling stories and talking about whatever was on their mind. It was a strange and exciting journey that took us to a lot of places we didn’t expect."

"If you come here on vacation you will go home on probation, and you will come back on violation," one of the men says in the trailer, which you can watch above. 

If you're intrigued (and how can you not be?) watch the entire documentary below.