Facebook wants you to know you're going to die one day. You better let that morbid reality sink in so you can start making the important decisions surrounding your demise. Who gets all your Jordans? Do you want to claim some real estate with your corpse or have your ashes spread to give your friends and family another chore? And most importantly, who's going to run your postmortal Facebook shrine? 

The social network announced today you can designate a "legacy contact" to run your account after you die. Because you shouldn't let a minor inconvenience like death stop you from stunting on your friends and inducing FOMO. The legacy contact will be able to write a memorial at the top of your page, accept friend requests, and update your profile and cover photos. 

Make sure you choose the right person; otherwise your profile doesn't end up losing all its taste. If you pick your swagless mom you'll end up immortalized forever with an awful photo and stuck being friends with the people you hated in high school who are pretending you were buddies because it seems like the right thing to do. 

This is the most important decision of your (online) life. Go to Settings > Security > Legacy Contact to get it done.