When Ren Stevens, the middle child of a suburban Sacramento family on the early 2000s Disney show Even Stevens, showed up on the Internet in her lingerie yesterday, we realized just how old we've become. The former perfectionist middle schooler appeared in public in her underwear brandishing a sign that read "#consent" (not only sexy, she's still incredibly awesome). Christy Carlson Romano, the actress who created a Ren-shaped hole in our hearts when Even Stevens ended, had lost a bet about 50 Shades of Grey, believing incorrectly that it wouldn't top the box offices because of issues about the lack of the Anastasia's consent to Mr. Grey. (We think a better punishment would've been to make Romano re-create the episode "Influenza: The Musical" with weak rhymes about 50 Shades, but that's just us).

There's no doubt that Romano looks good in the picture, despite her loss. But braceface Ren wasn't the only Even Steven to grow into her looks. Pretty much all of the kids from Even Stevens—from older brother Donnie to young Louis' best friends—have shed their middle school awkwardness and blossomed into attractive adulthood. Here's a look at the cast, then and now.