Proving that people are too stuffy when it comes to the Oscars, some folks were shocked that CNN's Don Lemon asked Andy Samberg about "Dick in the Box"—not because that joke is coming a week after all the exhaustive SNL40 coverage—because Lemon said "dick" on CNN.

But when you've got Lemon on the red carpet for three hours, you're gonna get some loose lips. Here is a roundup of the Lemonisms that dribbled onto the carpet before the Oscars.

  • Don Lemon to Andy Samberg: “How do you come up with stuff like Dick in a Box?”
    You get locked in a room for 48 hours,” Samberg said.
    Lemon sent it back to CNN co-host Michaela Pereira by gleefully saying: “Those are the guys responsible Dick in a Box!” Um, you said it,” responds Pereira, who, adds “My mom is watching!” 
  • Signing off his interview with Kevin Hart, who was standing next to his fiancee Eniko Parrish, Don Lemon says, “You’re a lucky man. You got a lot of money and that’s why you got her!”
  • Don Lemon was participating in #askhermore for cookies:
  • Don Lemon to Robert Duvall, about his role as a father in The Judge: “You think you’re the typical straight-nosed father?”
  • Don Lemon surveying the red carpet: “I don’t know who that is, but I’ve just seen one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen, on the red carpet!”
  • Don Lemon was confused by Scarlett Johansson's look: