It wasn't just Hot Tub Time Machine 2 that wanted to see Jessica Williams take over Daily Show hosting duties on that very difficult day when Jon Stewart says "adieu." In a brief sketch filmed months ago, released the week that Stewart said this will be his last hosting year, those time-travelers turn on a TV in 2025 and get their news from TDS-future-anchor Williams (who also reveals that Neil Patrick Harris is President of the USA).

Williams has a vocal section of the Internet in her corner, but Sunday night the Daily Show correspondent went to Twitter to vocalize that she will not be stepping into those hefty hosting shoes anytime soon. In fact, she thinks she'd need too many time-outs for throwing political fits.

Keep on trollin.' And for those holding onto the hope, the hot-tubbers prediction could still come true before 2025, as that is ten years away. But as for that Harris as President prediction: let's just see how he does at hosting the Oscars—this Sunday—first.

Who could be the next host of The Daily Show?  We're probably too early in the humble aw-shucks-no-one-can-replace-Jon weeks to get an idea about who might be up for the job. Joel McHale already said that he's not smart enoughBut let's also be serious: no one can replace, Jon. And it's good to hear that Williams will still be trollin' our asses, even if her ass won't be in the host seat anytime soon. Whoever will assume the position, is gonna need her.