Charlie Hebdo, the satirical French newspaper where gunmen killed nine staffers in January, is planning a comeback to weekly publication starting with a new issue on Feb. 25. 

The paper posted the news to its website where a message reads:

Dear readers,

The editorial staff of Charlie Hebdo invite you back on Wednesday February 25th 2015, publication date for our next issue, and thereafter at our normal weekly rhythm.
The current issue, n° 1178, will be available from newsagents until March 10th.

The editors

It will be the first issue of Charlie Hebdo since the Jan. 14 issue that came out exactly one week after the attack.

That post-attack issue sold millions of copies (compared to a usual circulation of around 100,000 per issue) as millions of people adopted "Je suis Charlie" (We are Charlie) as a slogan in support of freedom of expression.

The paper printed 7,000,000 copies as a first run of that issue, which had an image of Mohammed on the cover, and was sold out across Paris within hours. 


[Via Daily Mail]