Brian Williams has put himself on-leave after taking heat for lying about his helicopter being fired upon in Iraq. Williams deduced that his memory was foggy from visiting a crash site, and that he combined footage of the helicopter being shot down and compressed it into his own manufactured memory of being shot down in Iraq. Complex News was curious: what else has the trusted NBC anchor possibly made up over the last dozen years?

Thanks to the fact-checking sleuths o'er at The New York Post, we've got one more Williams lie. In another story that's been told many times to prove the anchor's valor, Williams seems to have misremembered just how many puppies he saved while serving as a teenaged volunteer at his local New Jersey fire department. In 2005, he told Esquire Magazine, “All I ever did as a volunteer fireman was once save two puppies." That was Williams being his most modest, "all I ever did." That's it: just two puppies rescued.

But in 2011, Williams only remembered saving one puppy from a fiery inferno. And since one puppy is seemingly way less heroic than two, Williams was able to dig through his foggy memory bank and come up with many more details from that act of heroism.

“I remember one such house fire ... [searching] on my hands and knees. I felt something warm, squishy, and furry on the floor of a closet. I instinctively tucked it in my coat. When I got outside, I saw two small eyes staring up at me, and I returned the 3-week-old and very scared puppy to its grateful owners,” he said.

Did Williams really only rescue one pup? Or did he rescue another one in a less heroic manner, like pointing at it while surveying the wreckage of the fire. "Anyone missing a warm, squishy furball?" Or were his teenage days at the firehouse when Williams learned to lie? Perhaps all the firemen were embellishing, using heroic feats to jockey for pole position on the cover of the fire station calendar.

When Williams returns to his post, we demand answers to #Puppygate.

[via The New York Post]