It took six months for researchers in Kansas to determine what caused a farmer's sudden death. After immense studies they've determined it to be a new virus.

The Bourbon virus is named for Bourbon County, Kansas, so don't worry it isn't being transmitted via barrels of delicious amber liquors (we were very worried; we are writer's after all, with bourbon being the most popular writer poison). But it is another virus from a tick, and death by tick bite is serious. Which means if you're going into any shrubs in the Plains, be sure to wear long-everything. And make sure a friend gives you a tick check. Seriously, this is the first thogotovirus identified in the Western Hemisphere. Anytime there is a new virus in a hemisphere, that's bad news.

The farmer's symptoms included: fever, tiredness, rash, headache, body aches, nausea and vomiting. The man also had low blood counts for cells that fight infection and prevent bleeding. He was 50-years old, and said to be in good health condition prior to falling ill.

[via UPI]