Because NBC handed the keys to the their late night programming to former SNL cast members Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers, they've aired a lot of inside jokes between the many past and current cast members who've dropped by before this week's 40th Anniversary Special of Saturday Night Live

Bobby Moynihan was one such guest. While he tells Meyers about various real people he's drawn from to create his characters, you can tell that Meyers just wants to get to what he knows: that Moynihan has a theory about all the "Weekend Update" characters. Because these characters are ushered in and out so quickly, there's a lot of back story that could be filled-in. And Moynihan apparently filled in a lot of it. As a former host of "Weekend Update"—Meyers clearly digs it. Moynihan explains around the 3:30 mark. And we're sure he could explain even more of the interconnected universe of Weekend Update.

Moynihan should tell a Sony exec, as of this morning, they have no interconnected universe.