If you haven't been keeping tabs in the whole "which esteemed news journalist embellished war stories today?" saga, here's a brief update: We all know NBC's Brian Williams has become the new poster boy for sketchy ethics in reporting, as he has been publicly shamed and suspended with no pay for lying about being in a helicopter that came under enemy fire in Iraq. 

More recently, Bill O'Reilly is feeling the pressure of such scrutiny. Colleagues who worked alongside a young O'Reilly in the early 80's have come forward to refute claims that Bill reported from a "combat zone" in Argentina during the Falklands War. Things took an uglier turn today, however, during a phone interview between O'Reilly and New York Times media reporter Emily Steele. Bill issued intimidating threats to her should she print a story that paints him or his past war coverage in an unsavory light:

"I'm coming after you with everything that I have. You can take that as a threat."

Yikes. Nothing says "trust in me and my journalistic standards" like threatening a fellow reporter to run a story of which only you approve.  

[Via Politico